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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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Tuesday, February 11 2014

February 11, 2014

I have been taking private dance lessons with Earl over the last few weeks while visiting the area. I have taken other dance classes before on and off over the years but have never really gained any ability or confidence to be able to go out dancing confidently.

 All this changed with Earl. In addition to being an amazing dancer with great style, Earl is just simply talented at teaching dance. Anyone who has taken lessons before and had difficulty –you know what I am talking about - trying to get the count, keep the beat, listen to the music, listen and get the instructions, learning to follow/lead well, maintain your balance and have a good time – yeah all at the same time – it is, needless to say, not so easy for beginner dancers.

So Earl makes the whole learning to dance experience different because he has a real knack for getting and keeping you at ease, explaining the moves, and coaching you along so that it all starts to happen,  somewhat naturally.  Plus you’ll have a great time with him because on top of being a master dancer, he is funny, kind and patient – really patient! Even if you are a total beginner, like I am, after a few lessons you will feel like you are getting it, as I did. Earl is also a veritable “Ambassador of Salsa” as he gives group classes and organizes all sorts of events to promote  salsa in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and beyond. So you can catch him and join his classes at these events but if you want to get salsa quickly and confidently, nothing actually can beat the personalized, custom-made attention you get from having Earl all to yourself! Or you and your partner – if you are taking lessons as a couple. You’ll just get things faster and progress with less frustration and you’ll be enjoying the great dancing scene in the area very soon after. For me it was worth every dollar and I highly recommend it.

Za Reed

Paris, France

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