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Saturday, September 28 2013
The Next Free Salsa Party is Friday Oct 4, 2013 Sept 6, 2013

The Once a Month Salsa party at Cuba Libre is getting hotter and hotter each month .

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Saturday, September 28 2013

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Saturday, September 28 2013

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Saturday, September 28 2013

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Saturday, September 28 2013

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Saturday, September 28 2013

I thought I would share one of my favorite articles
Click to vite Jai's blog‎ Great Salsa Dancers From L to R - Gabriel Perez, Jai Catalano, Desiree Dicupe, & Melanie Torres Whether I was working as a commentator for ESPN’s World Salsa Championships, performing salsa routines around the world, or teaching classes at Dance on 2 in NYC, I would always get asked the same question. How long does it take to be a great salsa dancer? First let’s define great. There is Babe Ruth Michael Jordan Mikhail Baryshnikov Muhammad Ali Michael Jackson GREAT and then there is great. You have to first be great before you can even think about GREAT so let’s just deal with great. Great I am glad we settled that. How long will it take for YOU to be a great salsa dancer? Who knows but if you follow these 10 steps you will see greater results faster. 1) Go to class. Duh! This one seems like a no brainer but way too many times people stop taking class on a regular basis for various reasons and still ask why they aren’t advancing. Do you remember when you learned how to walk? Of course you don’t but trust me it took several months of practice before you even crawled let alone walked. At the minimum you should be taking class 2 times per week so you can build a strong foundation and keep current with the latest dance moves. Tip. Are you having money issues? Take a free class. Check your local paper, Internet or community center.
2) Go out dancing. DANCE DANCE DANCE… at least once a week. Unless you have serious knee pain, go to a club, salsa social or a practice party and put these moves to the test. Many times I ask my students if they went out dancing? 99 out of 100 times they say yes. Then I ask if they actually danced. Huh? Dance with the beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers. Being a great salsa dancer isn’t about looking good with the GREAT dancers, it’s about creating a dance journey in the moment. Keep your journey simple and when you are ready... step it up. Tip. Are you shy? Have a glass of wine.
3) Watch people dance. Some people are born with natural talent. Remember Ruth Jordan Baryshnikov Ali Jackson? Everyone else has to work at it. So while you are taking a 5-minute break to catch a breath from all of the dancing you just did, watch people dance. Being a spectator allows you to form an opinion on what you like and what you don’t like as you develop yourself as a dancer. Use what you see to help guide the direction you want your dancing to go in. Tip. If you see something you don’t like while observing, keep your opinion to yourself. Trust me someone has a strong opinion about your dancing as well. Great Salsa Dancers Jai Catalano & Desiree Dicupe
4) Get a dance partner? Having a dance partner is a great way to practice regularly with very little extra expense. Most people who are interested in being great salsa dancers eventually want to have a partner to practice with. Ask around but make sure you keep your intentions on the dance. Crossing boundaries can make it extremely awkward when attending class or social events. Trust me :). Tip. When going out dancing with your partner dance with other people as well. It’s great to have a partner but dancing with just one person can have an adverse effect if you get too comfortable.
5) Take private lessons. Private lessons? I can’t afford private lessons. Well it actually works out to be cheaper in many ways in the long run. Private lessons can save you time, money, and a whole lot of headache. What you can learn in just a few private lessons might take you months or even years to learn in class or in a club. Think of it this way... 20 people in a class are 20 reasons why you won’t get full un-divided teaching attention specific to your needs. Tip. Record yourself in a private lesson. A camera never lies. If the instructor doesn’t allow it then write everything down.
6) Do your basics. When I was coming up the ranks of the salsa world I found myself doing my basic moves wherever I found a moment. Too many people say they don’t have any free time but if we really look we will find plenty of free time to put a basic in. Try doing the basic while taking a shower, brushing your teeth, preparing your breakfast, or while you are waiting for the elevator. And guess what? It’s not even 9am yet. Tip. Get off of Facebook and do your basics.
7) Role-play Role-play is fun. It helps to lighten the mood and puts you in direct experience of what your partner is feeling or not feeling. It will help you strengthen your skills and give you a more empathetic technical approach to your personal role in the dance. Following and leading both have their challenges but if you don’t know what the other person is going through, then you will spend less time dancing and more time discussing, arguing, and eventually fighting about it. Tip. Switch dance roles 1 song each time you practice with your partner.
8) Walk the count. Walking. Almost everybody does it. A great way to master the count with the step is to walk to the beat of the music. Listen to salsa music while walking to and from work and step your salsa basic all the way to your destination. Each stride you take, count to yourself 1 2 3 5 6 7 and repeat until you get to where you are going. Counting to yourself will engrain the counts of the steps and the music in you. Eventually you will think less about your footwork while you are dancing on the dance floor. Tip. Are you having trouble finding the beat? Click here and Buy my salsa timing CD. :)
9) Shadow dance. You have to learn to use your imagination in this one. I used to dance with someone who HATED to rehearse so I learned how to shadow dance. Shadow dancing is just dancing the moves you want to practice with your invisible partner. A great thing about shadow dancing is that you will reinforce the moves without any lip from anyone. You can even go a bit further. I used to hear a standing ovation after every shadow dance I ever did. Hey it’s my imagination. Tip. Don’t shadow dance in public places.
10) Teach people. Teach your mom, dad, brother, sister, dog, cat, or even goldfish how to salsa dance. This technique gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the technical part of the dance in a more thought provoking way. By listening to yourself speak you will reinforce what you have truly learned in class as well as figure out those little things that you might not have remembered. Questions you don't know the answers to, should be written down and discussed in a follow up private class. Tip. Teaching people what you have learned doesn’t mean open up a salsa school.
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Saturday, September 28 2013

The Free Real Salsa Party at Cuba Libre takes place every First Friday of the month The next one takes place this Friday Oct 4, 2013 Send names ro to get on the free admission guest list with entry before Midnight. Guest list closes at 8pm Friday Oct 4, 2013 On these nights Cuba Libre's music format still has their sizzling Latin Dance mix with DJ NV but they also bring in DJ Neo one of the hottest Salsa djs in the DMV to make sure the Salseros get a good portion of Salsa to be able to get their Salsa Groove on. It has turned out to be one of the hottest Salsa parties in the city as Salseros from all levels from beginners to Pros come to Cuba Libre every First Friday of the month to come and get their Salsa dance on Happy Hour specials are extended to Midnight so be sure to check out one of Cuba Libre's world famous mojitos when you are taking a break from the dance floor

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Thursday, September 26 2013

One of my favorite salsa events of the year. They always have monster line up Use code GOGO2013 IN DISCOUNT CODE AND SAVE 10.00 OFF FULL PASS Click here to purchase your full Philadelphia Salsa Fest pass now
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Thursday, September 26 2013

It's so funny every week at Lucky Strike I teach an advanced beginner class and every week I start off the class telling the students I want them to to the basics which is a Basic , a cross body lead and left and right turn. Every week there are are couple which struggle to even to do their basic step . After seeing people struggle I tell them politely if you had troble  executing the 4 basic moves you need to go over to the the basic class. Every week there are 4 to 5 couples who have not a clue of what they are dong who insist on staying in the class .The problem is I have the students rotate in the class and the people who are at that level get stuck with practicing with people who cannot lead or follow well and their potential of growing is stunted by dancing with people who should not be in the class.

I am going to eventually have to figure something out by telling certain people they should not be in class without embarrassing them

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Thursday, September 26 2013

I am currently teaching Walk in Beg On2 classes at The Sundya Latin Prty at Lucky Strike from 8pm until 8:45pm

Below is a video of me teaching at the Philadelhoa Salsa Fets 2012

I have been asked to teach this year as  well

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Tuesday, September 24 2013

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Monday, September 16 2013

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Monday, September 16 2013

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Monday, September 16 2013
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Monday, September 16 2013

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Sunday, September 15 2013

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Sunday, September 15 2013

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Saturday, September 14 2013

Here is an article to give you a perspective why some salsa clubs, salsa nights and salsa socials fail. This is not an all inclusive list. Just some things I find true. This could also apply to other dances like swing or ballroom dances.

I hope you can see that one of the most important element of success for these things is "community support". This is HUGE in my opinion.  Organizers put on these events for the community. They bring to you the best they can so that you can have.

I encourage you to support your local organizers. If you want to have a place go to dancing or an event to enjoy, your support is much needed. Help by attending, spreading the word, or help in others ways. Please keep in mind many times the organizers use their own $$ in advance to pay for space, airfare and other expenses to make an event happen. So they are taking a risk for the community.

I hope this can shed some light as to what needs to happen so that the events in your community can survive so that you will have an event or place to go dancing.

Good luck. happy dancing!

Why "SALSA" Clubs, "SALSA" Night or "SALSA" Socials fail?

Have you ever wondered why "SALSA" Clubs or "SALSA" socials fail? There are of

course many reasons. Many fail due to a combination of reasons. It is rarely because of one

reason why a "SALSA" Club or "SALSA" Social failed.

Most think it is very easy to approach the owner of an establishment, tell him/her/them "I

want to have a "SALSA" night at your place" and PRESTO, they say yes and it will be

successful. If it was that easy then there would be MANY "SALSA" Clubs and "SALSA"

Socials all over the country. Reality is this is not the case.

Here is a small list (not all) of reasons why a "SALSA" Club, "SALSA" Night or "SALSA"

social would fail.

NO SUPPORT FROM THE DANCE COMMUNITY - This is huge if there are many

SALSA dancers in your area. It might seem obvious but you will be surprised as to how

many will not support an event or club for a wide variety of reasons. Some reasons are

intentional (mostly personal) and some are unintentional. The worse kind is the intentional.

This is a spider web by itself. It can get really ugly when the reason is intentional. Not only

will the club or event not survive, the "SALSA" scene itself will not grow. "DRAMA"

becomes more the focus instead of being supportive of the club or event. Generally the local

instructors play a big role in either encouraging or discouraging support of clubs or events in

your area.


the size of your town/city, this could be a huge factor. Places like Los Angeles are not

necessarily affected much by this unless the instructors/organizers are in close proximity to

each other. When instructors/organizers in a small town are not in talking terms, the dance

community is divided and the dances are small. Thus it is more difficult to establish a

"SALSA" Club to go dancing regularly. It goes back to the first reason above. Some

instructors will make their students feel bad if their students attend another instructors' event.

Thus creating animosity. This in return either slows the growth of a SALSA scene or it will

not grow at all.

NOT BIG ENOUGH SALSA SCENE - In my opinion, this is a major factor. No

dancers, No "SALSA" scene, thus No club! If there is a very small "SALSA" scene in your

area, you will be extremely hard pressed to make a "SALSA" Club a success. You will

need "people" to support it. If you do not have the people, you won't have a club.

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE - It takes some "know how" as to what it takes to make a

"SALSA" Club a success. There are so many things that need to be in place prior to having

a "SALSA CLUB" or even a simple "SALSA" Social. Without experience or some

guidance from someone who has successfully ran a "SALSA" Club or "SALSA" Night,

your "SALSA" Club will have a rough road to success.

ATMOSPHERE OF THE CLUB - Once you have your "SALSA" Club up and running,

the atmosphere in the club is one of the major factors of the success (or failure) of the club.

Many so called "SALSA" Clubs or "SALSA" Nights have failed due to the atmosphere (or

lack of it). You as the organizer will have to create the atmosphere that will attract the

people you want to support your club or event.

THE MUSIC - This is one of the factors MOST take for granted. "SALSA" is "SALSA"

right? Well, yes it is however just like chicken, baked chicken is not the same as fried

chicken. There are many kinds of "SALSA" music. What kind would you play? Columbian

"SALSA"? NY "SALSA"? Puerto Rican "SALSA"? How about some MAMBO?

Knowing your crowd helps with this. You can establish the type of club or night you want

by the music you play. That in return attracts the people you want in your club. If you want

a HIP HOP crowd you would play HIP HOP music right? If the music you play doesn't

keep people on the dance floor, the event or club will fail.

NOT BUYING DRINKS - JUST FLAT OUT CHEAP - If a night club is hosting a SALSA NIGHT, they do rely on your dollars to keep that SALSA NIGHT going. That is the truth. Let's face it... MOST SALSA DANCERS ARE NOT HEAVY DRINKERS OR JUST DON'T DRINK AT ALL. So what to do? Buy a bottle of water or softdrink. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE OF WATER INTO THE CLUB! Here is my take on this... if you do not have the money to pay at the door and buy one bottle of water, stay home.

There are so many more reasons why a "SALSA" Club, "SALSA" Night or "SALSA"

Social fails. I hope some of these have given you some insight as to why it isn't so easy to

have a successful "SALSA" Night, "SALSA" Club or "SALSA" Social.

Everyone has a role in the success or failure of a "SALSA" Club, "SALSA" Night or

"SALSA" Social.

Be a part of SUCCESS. Be a contributor. Be a supporter. Do it for the dance -


Good luck with your adventure.


John "salseroblanko" Morey


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Saturday, September 14 2013

This Sunday Sept 15, 2013 Lee " El Gringuito" Kat " La Gata" Producers of the DC Bachta Congress and StuckOnSalsa Entertainment celebrate 4 years of the Sunday Latin Party at Lucky Strike .

The First year and a half attendance was nothing to write home about but the organizers and Lucky Strike management were patient and very persistent in making the night a success. They knew there was no other Latin Night in the area with the type of Salsa and Bachata Mix in town and knew it would eventually grow .The attendance jumped from an average of 70 people a week to about 250 a week and is now one of the hottest Latin parties in Washington, DC .

They offer On1 and On2 Salsa classes, ChaChaCha, Bachata classes and Kizomba classes and then have a dance party after classes so the students can practice the moves they learned in class .Dancers from professional level to Absolute novice from all over the DMV come to Lucky Strike to get their Latin Dance Groove on

The venue is not your ordinary Bowling alley . It is a very unique Upscale Boutique Bowling alley with 12 plasma screens showing all the sporting events, full service bar and restaurant and has Billiard tables as well.

It just so happens that it has a huge and one of the best dancer friendly wood dance floors in the DMV .Frequently even dancers all the way from Baltimore , Philadelphia and Richmond come to check out the DC Latin hot spot on Sundays . The resident DJ is DJ Renzo who is one the best Latin djs in the DMV

On a weekend when next day is a Holiday the crowd easily goes over 500 or more dancers a night. Here is the Itinerary for the 4 Year Anniversary that will take place on Sunday Sept 15, 2013

Workshops Schedule
In the Bachata Vip Lounge
8pm until 8:45pm Intro to On 2 Salsa with Earl Rush
8:45pm until 9:30pm Intro to Kizomba with Lee and and Kat

In the Main Room
8pn until 8:45 pm Bachata with Lee and Kat
8:45pm until 9:30pm
Salsa with StuckOnSalsa Crew
IntermediateOn2 with PsyniiGianni

Party schedule
VIP Bachata and Kizomba room with DJ Tadeo
9:30pm until 1 :30 am
Main Room with DJ D.j. Renzo playing Salsa Bachata Merengue and ChaChaCha and live music provided Salsa band SalBomPle
9:30pm until 1:30 am

Performance by Cazike under the direction of Irene Holtzman
Helena Hassan and Victor Yang
Ferocity Dance Company

Raffles to Resolution Jam 2014 and Night pass to the DC Bachata Congress

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Tuesday, September 03 2013

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Monday, September 02 2013
Next week Sunday Sept 8 , 2013 at Lucky Strike located at 701 7th st nw wdc right at the Red Line Gallery Place Metro
Bachata classes
Beg On 2 and Intermediate On2
Beg and adv Beg On1
with PsyniiGianni and The StuckOnSalsa crew
Resident Dj DJ D.j. Renzo
First week of NFL Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants game on Plasma screens
Baseball Playoff race games as well
NFL Drink and food specials
Billiards and bowling

Sept 15, 2012
The Sunday Latin Party 4 Year Anniversary
On1 , On2 and Bachata Workshops
Live music
VIP Bachata and Kizomba VIP Lounge will be open
Performances by Cazike and Helena Hassan and Victor Yang
DJ Renzo

Sept 22, 2013
TV industry has the Emmy Music Industry has the Grammy
Salsa and Bachata has the Stuckie and DCBC
The StuckOnSalsa and DC Bachata Congress Red Carpet Awards show including the Red Carpet Fashion Police Sheila McNeilOrlando Machuca Jr and Kathleen WildKat Tan
On1 , On2 and Bachata Workshops
DJ Renzo
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