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Monday, October 26 2009
Can't wait until the Resolution Jam 2010 for another off the planet Salsa Party in DC ? You are not alone . Saturday Nov 7, 2009 Salsa Beasts of the East New York and Philly meet Washington DC with DJ Andy Rodriguez, DJ Jose Rodriguez and DJ Willie Hercules hosted by StuckOnSalsa and The Salsa Room. Are you kidding me? No

When we last left the Black and Red party at the Salsa Room GoGo Earl was seen trying to bribe the Fire Marshal not to shut down the party because of the overflow of dancers in the venue

Get DJ Jose Rodriguez from Philly , DJ Andy Rodriguez from New York and DJ Wiliie Hercules form Washington, DC take you on Dance Party Odyssey . This is going to be off the Salsa Mambo planet !

Doors open at 7:30pm
Beginner and Intermediate Salsa classes with Karen Aguilar and Earl GoGo Rush 8pm until 9:30pm
9:30pm until 2 :30pm Mad crazy Dance Party
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Wednesday, October 21 2009
I was talking to Franco today and Jose from New York about how there is only one individual in the salsa Scene that I honestly do not like , I could tell from Franco's tone he did not understand why i disliked this person so much and why I even gave the person any thought what so ever . It was a side of me he had never heard or seen. I could also tell Franco and Jose were disappointed in me reacting this way to the individual . After hanging up the phone from Franco I received a blog post from the Mambo Scene correspondent The Salsa Socialite that tells me exactly how to handle this situation. I thought I would share it with you . The Salsa Socialite – The Forgiveness Formula October 19th, 2009 Hola Salseros, Were you at the club, dancing the night away, and you encountered a person that surprised you with their presence? Maybe it was an old flame, a former business partner, or even an ex-colleague from work that reminded you of a past offense or bad experience. The moment your eyes met, you felt a flood of negative emotion rising up from deep within you and then in a flash, your Salsa high was gone. No dancing, just red-hot blood full of fire and ice; your mind remembering all the reasons why you broke ties with that person. It’s not a pretty site or sensation when resentment, anger, or pure hate take over your persona. Your whole physical being harbors that negative energy and the manifestation takes the form of depression, disease, or death.

Why are you holding all that energy? What good is it doing you to keep that experience so close to your heart with no benefit? Is there some reason that you desire to continue reliving that fateful time when that person held the lock and key to your happiness? Of course now you’re in a different time and place but somehow just one quick look turned your world upside down and brought you back to a place where life held no joy. What does this mean? You are masquerading. Your freedom is on loan and you are behind on your payments. Stop living the lie and start the life, because it’s passing right before your eyes. You can feel it. The negativity creeps up inside of you and before you know it, you’re passing it on to friends, family, co-workers, and strangers. This tension creates an environment of disrespect and distrust, feeding violence and retaliation without care or concern, and for what? Is it because you haven’t gotten over the ill treatment that was dealt to you? You think you need payback but what you really want is peace of mind. Where do you find it? Freedom from negativity is found in forgiveness; it is the formula for inner peace and living a fulfilling life without regression into the past. Forgiveness, the word alone connotes a sense of light, divinity, and peace.

On both sides of the coin, forgiveness holds unimaginable value. How much would you pay for forgiveness? To wrong or to be wronged makes no difference. All that matters is the resulting emotions that come from the experience and your reaction to it. It’s fight or flight in every since and the decision time is now. Do you remain in limbo forever like a ghost trapped in time, or do you set yourself free from the cycle of destruction? Ultimately the choice is yours, but to live the lifestyle of a Salsa socialite, it takes full commitment in mind, body, and spirit. Forgiveness is the only path to living this life of luxury, opulence, decadence, and glamour. Your Salsa high is the currency that makes up your millionaire status. Don’t let pain from the past rob you blind. Now you hold the key to absolution, The Forgiveness Formula is at your feet. See the past before you and respond with a smile because in the past is where you leave it. You do this because you have crossed from the darkness into the light, with the sweet scent of peace filling your lungs, and reminding you that life is here and now. Dance the night away with no worries because it’s more than just a dance, it’s a lifestyle.
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Tuesday, October 13 2009


Put in code DC2009 and get 10.00 off a Full pass for Philly's hottest event of the year



Full Event Pass is currently available for only $185






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Saturday, October 10 2009
When EF Hutton Talks People  listen
When TSR and StuckOnSalsa throw an event people dance like crazy! . It's not just a party but a TSR StuckOnSalsa mad crazy Salsa get ready for the Black and Red Insanity joint mega event

Tonight Sat Oct 10, 2009 The StuckOnSalsa and TSR All Black and Red Party at the Salsa Room !
click here for details
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All Interviews can be viewed on our fb page Straight Up Talk with Earl Rush` THIS TUESDAY DECEMBER 8, 2020 at 730 pm Interview with Eileen Torres

Posted by Earl Rush onĀ Monday, December 7, 2020
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