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Salsa in Washington DC Welcome to
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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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Salsa Soap Opera  

Welcome to The Life and Time of a DC Salsero Salsa'sa only On line soap opera .

The Life and Times of a DC Salsero is a half fictional half reality salsa soap opera based out of Washington, DC

Opening Characters

 The Hero of the story Juan Carlos Club Owner of Whatever where they dance on1 and On2

Nick Johnson Club Owner of Club LA where they dance only on 1

Helena  Nick Johnson's girlfriend who is sleeping with his rival Juan Carlos

Roberta  a  Mysterious salsera from Chicago

Slim Johnson  Nick's cousin a private detective

and all the DC Salseros and Salseras

New Characters added to The Life and Time  of a DC Salsero 2018 The New Era

Juan Carlos Jr. Son Juan Carlos 

Nick Johnson  Jr. Son of Nick Johnson 

Bachata Barbara New trouble maker Bachata Holic from Chicago 

Episode No 1

His Great grandfather  was a hustler his granddfather was a huslter his father was a hustler and  Juan Carlos was no different.

He has 2 serious addictions which are making money and salsa. He grew up in DC and knew the city like the back of his hand. .He was the owner of Club Whatever one of the Salsa Hot spots in DC . His rival at the moment was Nick Johnson owner of Club LA  another DC Salsa hot spot. Though he had made money all kinds of ways and had many connections Juan Carlos had left the Hustler life alone and had gone completely legitimate. Ths story is about Juan Carlos ' addictions and other people's addictions and how it affect their lives in  Washington. DC, DC

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