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Wednesday, March 18 2009
A dj that was supposed to play at a StuckOnSalsa party backed out at the last minute with a flimsy excuse and them not knowing who I know proceeded to tell a very good friend of mine that he did not like working for me.

My good friend asked me why the person said that ? I told my friend he had to ask  that person said that.

Here is what I suspect is why that person does not like to work for me.  Though I am a very wild party all the time guy , I am  very conservative  promoter . The majority of my clients  want to dance and that's about it.
They do not  want to be educated while out dancing and they don't want to hear some vinyl record wit scratches in them . They do not want to hear some obscure record that no one has ever heard before unless it is a slamming dance tune, and the don;'t wnt to hear something that is too fast or something that like a funeral.

When you play for me there is no experimenting involved. Just play dance music . I suspect this person feels handcuffed by my conservative standards. Some djs don't want to play for the crowd they want to play what they want to hear..

If I hear someone playing something too fast or too obscure I wlll say something immediately during the song or right after that. Some djs don't want to hear any criticism or want  to hear anything from the promoter even though the promoter is paying the dj and the promoter not the dj 's neck is on the line.

DC has plenty of great djs so the fact that that person or any other dj does not like to play for me is no  big deal

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