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Earl Rush
CEO and founder of Stuckonsalsa
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Earl Rush - the best salsa teacher in DC area


Roberta Marcenaro

12:07 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
My dream was to dance as fast as I can with the love of my live... and so I called Earl Rush. He is a dedicated instructor, whose incisive  style of teaching breaks down every step and underlines details. When he says, “Now, I am going to show you how to dance and you will never forget," it's true. We got a couple of lessons and my hubby is already dancing.
Earl's passion inspired us from the very beginning and he has transferred to us all his long experience in Latin dance.
Thanks Earl!

July 12, 2014

Hey Earl!
Here is my testimonial. If you would like me to write another after our four lessons I wouldn't mind doing that as well. I would prefer it to be signed as Amyia B. Thanks!

Taking salsa lessons with Earl is fantastic. In just my first lesson I learned so much! His knowledge of salsa and many other types of dance (jazz, tap, Afro cuban, etc.) allows him to have such a unique dancing and teaching style.  And as a teacher he really cares about his students. He moves at your pace and gives you the opportunity to work on what you wish. He is a gem in the dc metropolitan area. Thanks Earl for taking me to the next level in salsa dance!

Amyia B.


February 11, 2014

I have been taking private dance lessons with Earl over the last few weeks while visiting the area. I have taken other dance classes before on and off over the years but have never really gained any ability or confidence to be able to go out dancing confidently.

 All this changed with Earl. In addition to being an amazing dancer with great style, Earl is just simply talented at teaching dance. Anyone who has taken lessons before and had difficulty –you know what I am talking about - trying to get the count, keep the beat, listen to the music, listen and get the instructions, learning to follow/lead well, maintain your balance and have a good time – yeah all at the same time – it is, needless to say, not so easy for beginner dancers.

So Earl makes the whole learning to dance experience different because he has a real knack for getting and keeping you at ease, explaining the moves, and coaching you along so that it all starts to happen,  somewhat naturally.  Plus you’ll have a great time with him because on top of being a master dancer, he is funny, kind and patient – really patient! Even if you are a total beginner, like I am, after a few lessons you will feel like you are getting it, as I did. Earl is also a veritable “Ambassador of Salsa” as he gives group classes and organizes all sorts of events to promote  salsa in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and beyond. So you can catch him and join his classes at these events but if you want to get salsa quickly and confidently, nothing actually can beat the personalized, custom-made attention you get from having Earl all to yourself! Or you and your partner – if you are taking lessons as a couple. You’ll just get things faster and progress with less frustration and you’ll be enjoying the great dancing scene in the area very soon after. For me it was worth every dollar and I highly recommend it.

Za Reed

Paris, France

just saw that Earl Rush is teaching at Hotlanta International Salsa Congress!! i remember the first time i saw him at an event years ago!! he was standing around looking all dapper, in a smart suit, not dancing... then they announced him, he went onto the floor and proceeded to TEAR IT UP!!!! it was amazing!!
1 ·  · 

“Okay, so I’m a middle-aged white guy with decent rhythm (I thought) (and no overbite) … I found a link from the stuck on salsa website and went to club Lima for “free” salsa lessons taught by Earl.  When I got there, I was amazed at the number of people interested in learning salsa.  However, to my astonishment, I just could not follow the steps to save my life.  So I did what any self-effacing alpha male would do: inquired about private lessons.  To my pleasant surprise (as well as my Latina girlfriend), Earl came to my home for 90 minute sessions.  Within 4 private sessions, I built the confidence to go back in public and dance salsa and I am having a blast!  William

 Hi Earl,

We are so appreciative of your amazing teaching, I wanted to sit down and right this testimonial for you right now.  Thanks so much - you are fantastic!  Here ya go:

"Earl is phenomenal!!!  He put together an incredible salsa routine for my fiance and me for our wedding in just three hour-long lessons.  It's snappy, just the right amount of showy, and just the right mix of moves.  I'm so excited about doing it at our wedding.  He is a wonderful teacher - not only attentive to detail, but able to really teach you how to get to where you need to be to look awesome.  As anyone knows who's taken any kind of dance lessons, being a great dancer definitely doesn't always translate into being a great teacher, but Early is both.  And he was even willing to come to our house to teach us.  If anyone is looking for a fabulous private salsa teacher, whether for your wedding or any other reason, Earl is your guy."

Thank you so much Earl!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn and Drew

Jocelyn Lippert
  •  Thanks for the great lesson at LIMA on Monday night! 

    — Jackie (Mar 12, 2009 1:01 AM)
  •  Anytime, that way I can learn from the "BEST"... See you around. 

    Vanessa L. (Mar 17, 2009 12:28 PM)
  •  it was great watching you dance at the Sky Lounge. You are an amazing dancer! 

    Lorraine Villahermosa (Mar 16, 2009 2:19 PM)
  • Georgette L-J (+1 guest)
     Earl has a distinct and personable teaching style. The Girl-2-Guy ratio was almost even ¡y la música fue muy caliente! 

  •  Great Location and a fun time for all. Earl is a great dancer and funny too. 
  •  Great! Earl rocks! I meant Earl salsas...... Earl is a great salsa instructor! You would learn all the shines and nice moves from him, for sure! 
  • jennifer (+1 guest)
     was great to get out of the house!!! of course, we didn't make it very long and left before the lessons were even done! but always love classes with earl! (even though i'm not a beginner...) 

  • Jessica (+3 guests)
     This was a great event. I met some new dance partners and learned some new moves during the free lesson. I will definitely come back for Monday at Lima! 

  • goodwife (+1 guest)
     I loved it! I really like to lesson. I didnt have a partner but that did not matter the teacher made sure we switched so no one was left out and you got to make anew friend. I was good. 
  •  Met and danced with a lot of new members. Learned some new moves from Earl. 

  •  Hi, I'm new to this group and new to salsa, too. Everybody was very friendly and nice :) So, it was very nice to learn mambo basics... made me want to learn more. I left early, pretty soon after Earl finished teaching, because I really need to learn more to be able to enjoy the dances!

  •  Earl did a great job as usual. 
  •  Great event, classes, open bar... 
  •  it was great i ment so many cool and nice people. i love salsa the music and dancing were awsome.! 

  • Tara (+1 guest)
     This is my second time at Club Lima for the Salsa happy hour, and as usual I had a great time! Earl is a very patient instructor, and hilarious! I'll definitely come to the next meetup here! 
  • Natasha Severe (+2 guests)
     This was my first time attending a meetup social and it was a great experience. The people were all very nice, the classes were awsome and I had wonderful time.
  •  Great music, lessons and dancing! I had so much fun I didn't notice my feet were killing me until it was time to head home, later than I'd planned. Can't wait for the next one! 
  •  Fun group. Had a good time talking to people and the lesson made for a good refresher. I
  •  Fun group, chic venue, awesome instructor! 
  •  Had a good time at Lima as usual. Earl was in rare form with the jibes. :) 
  • Candace (+2 guests)
     I thought it was a blast. The people were really friendly. 
  • Ben Ortolaza (+1 guest)
     I thought it was a great experience. Met some very nice people and learned a few new moves. All around, a great time! 
  •  I learned some real good steps today!!! 
  •  good and comical instruction 
  • Luis (+3 guests)
     Great! and have a lot of fun learning new steps and turns 
  •  It was fun! Learned some great moves and had dance partners to switch with. Definitely worth your time. I didn't get to see Liz to get my name tag. I got there a bit after nine so that might be it. 
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